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By the time I was ripening into adulthood I had called 15 houses home, scattered over four countries. While distance kept these houses far, memory kept them close and familiar. In 2022, I traveled to many of these houses to document and experience their familiarity, but was instead met with the coldness of a place now foreign.


In Residents Only, I address the loss of once intimate spaces and contemplate the construction and reconstruction of memory and stories as they relate to place. Tiptoeing close then backing away, the houses are shown with curiosity and caution, giving voice to the timidity I experienced around these places I no longer had any legal or familiar ties to. I allude to the elasticity of memory and reconsider the stories I have been told and that I have told myself.


Though fragments of houses, the viewer is invited to construct their own narratives around the space and to consider the narratives they have built around their own intimate spaces.

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